Items Not Allowed For HDB
12 Apr 2014

HDB regulates the types of renovation that is carried out in HDB flats. Please take a look at our guidelines and conditions on the Do’s and Don’ts of renovation and electrical works before you commence your home renovation.

All renovation have to be carried out by HDB Registered Renovation Contractors (RRCs). 

Certain types of renovation need a permit from HDB before such work is allowed to be carried out.

However, some renovation is not allowed to be carried out due to the following reasons:

  • Overloading the structure which may affect the structural integrity and safety of the building.
  • Affecting the external facade/form of the building or public safety.
  • Creating public nuisance, posing fire hazard or encroachment to public area.
  • Infringing lease agreement, relevant statutory regulations or requirements, etc.
Examples of Renovation Not Allowed
  • Hacking and removal of structural members such as reinforced concrete wall, columns, beams, slabs, staircases within maisonette flats, etc. 

  • Excessive overloading of the floor slab with a load greater than 150 kg for every metre square of floor area. 

  • Plastering of ceilings. 

  • Partitioning with combustible or toxic emission materials (e.g. plywood, plastics, asbestos etc.) 

  • Raising of floor level exceeding the allowable thickness of 50mm (inclusive of floor tiles) using concrete. 

  • Extending floor area by covering over void areas (e.g. covering over void areas within maisonette flats) 

  • Constructing water tank in bathroom except ready-made (e.g. fibreglass) bathtub. 

  • Repositioning or enlarging bin chute opening. 

  • Painting external part of building (e.g. common corridor walls and ceilings) 

  • Installing awning or other fixtures outside flat. 

  • Installing casement windows where flat's façade is facing common corridor. 

  • Laying floor finishes outside entrance door without having recess area or step. 

  • Replacement of full height windows or 3/4 height windows or bay windows.

  • Removal or tampering of safety railings/grilles (internal & external) originally provided by HDB/Developers installed in the flat and/or at sold recess area.

  • Removal or tampering of safety railings/grilles (internal & external) installed in the flat and/or at Full Height Windows (including 3/4 height and bay windows located at Utility Room, Space Adding Item) during the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP). 

  • Partial or total enclosure including installation of external grilles on air-conditioner ledge. 

  • Partial or total enclosure including installation of solid metal external grilles at planter box. No permanent sealing of planter box. 

  • Installation of overhead grilles (ie. caging up) at interaction balcony.

  • Change of use of planter box and air-conditioner ledge. 

  • Placement of reflective film (exceeding 20% reflectance) over existing window's glass panel.

  • Open Terrace at Loft Units
    - Partial or total enclosure.
    - Installation of a roof or fixed/retractable awning.

  • Relocation of sliding door at balcony where windows installation is not allowed. 

  • Removal or replacement of sliding door different from original provision at balcony where windows installation is not allowed.

  • Removal of pitched roof ceiling (be it partially or fully) at topmost floor unit as it is part of the building's roof system.

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