Electrical Works
15 Apr 2014

When is a Permit Required?

Electrical Work

Certain types of electrical work (hereinafter called the "Work" and which shall be taken to mean alteration and addition work) to the flat can only be carried out with HDB's prior written approval. Such approval is given in the form of a permit which the owner must obtain from HDB before the commencement of the Work.

Work Held to Be Unauthorised

Failure to obtain the permit will mean that the Work is unauthorised. 

HDB shall be entitled to require the owner to:
1. Remove the unauthorised works, and
2. Reinstate his premises to its original condition

Also, if the works do not comply with the guidelines/conditions stated, these works are treated as unauthorised works. HDB shall be entitled to require you to remove and reinstate your premises to its original condition or that of the guidelines/conditions stated.

Works Requiring Approval and Permit

The types of Work which require HDB's approval and for which a permit must be obtained are set out in a list of guidelines. These guidelines are prescribed by HDB and govern electrical work and installation of air-conditioners in HDB flats.

Electrical Works Not Requiring Permit

For electrical items which do not require a permit, you are required to comply with the guidelines/conditions governing these items. These guidelines have been set out in the guidelines for electrical works in HDB flats.

Electrical Items Not Reflected in/Deviating from the Electrical Guide

Flat owners are required to seek HDB's prior approval before commencement of works where:

  • Electrical items are not reflected in the electrical guide, or
  • Technical details of the proposed works deviate from that stated in the electrical guide

Adherence to Terms and Conditions/Guidelines

The flat owner shall strictly observe and perform:

  • The terms and conditions herein, and
  • Any other conditions or guidelines issued by HDB for such Work

If the flat owner fails to do so, the work shall be treated as unauthorised work. HDB shall be entitled to revoke the permit granted for the Work. The flat owner shall be required to remove the unauthorised works and reinstate his premises to its original condition. 


Installation of Electrical Appliances


Approval is given on the basis of electrical rating only. It is not an endorsement of the safety, reliability or suitability of the product for the expressed or implied purposes claimed by the manufacturer.

Responsibilities of the Flat Owner

The flat owner shall at all times ensure that the electrical rating of the installed appliance corresponds to the electrical rating of the product featured in the catalogue/brochure submitted for approval. If he fails to do so, the approval may be revoked.


Time Allowed for Renovations

1. For newly completed blocks, the approved Work must be completed within 3 months from the date of the permit
2. For existing blocks, the approved Work must be completed within 1 month from the date of the permit
3. No Work shall be carried out before 8 am or after 6 pm
4. Noisy Work, such as cutting of tiles, demolition of walls, removing wall/floor finishes, etc. are restricted from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm during the weekdays

    a. Such works are not allowed to be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

5. At any time, only two HDB Approved Hand-held Power Tools or their approved equivalents are allowed to be used


1. The flat owner shall supervise the Work and ensure that the electrical installation/air-conditioner are installed by the:

      a. EMA licensed electrical contractor, and


    b. Building and Construction Authority (BCA) trained air-conditioner installer respectively who applied for the permits

2. The flat owner must also ensure that the Work is carried out in compliance with HDB's requirements and in a good workmanlike manner
3. Flat owner should avoid doing noisy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) household installations during early hours of the morning or at night so as not to cause disturbance to their neighbours.
4. The flat owner or his contractor shall not throw the renovation debris down the refuse chute or wash down into the w.c. squat pan or floor trap

    a. If choke occurs due to non-compliance with this condition, it shall be cleared to the satisfaction of HDB at the sole expense of the owner

5. For electrical rewiring and extension, the flat owner is required to submit the SP Services Ltd (SPSL) Form CS/5H endorsed by HDB to SPSL for testing of the new wiring
6. Upon completion of the work, the flat owner shall apply to SPSL for testing through his licensed electrical worker

Approval and Supervision by Other Authorities

1. Prior approval must be obtained from EMA and SP Services Ltd (SPSL) for any electrical alterations or extensions
2. The flat owner shall at all times comply with any:

    a. Law, by-law, rule and regulation governing the Work, and other related matters

3. HDB and the Town Council reserve the right to control and give directions in the course of the Work


The flat owner shall indemnify and keep HDB indemnified at all times against all claims and proceedings for:

  • Any damage to or destruction of property,
  • Injury to or death of any person,
  • Costs and expenses howsoever arising from, in connection with or consequent to the execution of the Work

The flat owner shall further indemnify and keep HDB indemnified at all times against any losses, costs, charges, expenses and damages:

  • Which may be incurred or payable by HDB due to, arising from or in connection with the execution of the Work

Variations of Terms and Conditions

HDB reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions herein contained as and when it deems fit. Any approval granted shall be subject to the prevailing terms and conditions as varied by HDB from time to time.

The flat owner shall observe and comply with such other rules and regulations as HDB and the Town Council may from time to time make in relation to the execution of the Work in HDB flats.

Technical Terms and Conditions

1. All wiring installation work must be executed by an EMA licensed electrical worker
2. Embedding of wiring house in metal/high impact PVC conduit in RC slab, beam, column, wall and in wall plaster or other finishes is not allowed
3. For all types of flats, diameter and penetration depth of power-driven nails/screws must not exceed 6 mm and 40 mm respectively
4. For flats with concealed electrical wiring (original provided by HDB):

        a. Please refer to guidelines in 

sketch Drawing 1

       "Drilling of holes in flats with concealed electrical wiring"


    b. Precautionary measures should be taken to ensure anchors (including hammering of nails) into the slab are located away from the concealed conduits as shown in the concealed conduit layout plans

5. Electrical wirings in a flat have a limited life span. The estimated average life-span of a PVC electrical cable is approximately 25 years.
6. It is advisable for flat owners to replace the electrical wirings to their flat when the life-span is over or when the conditions have deteriorated. A licensed electrical worker (LEW) will be able to check the conditions of the wirings and advise whether the wirings need to be replaced.
7. Upon completion of the work, the flat owner shall apply to SP Services Ltd for testing through his Licensed Electrical Worker.

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